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    Stainton, Thornton, Maltby and Hemlington; in Hilton;  and in Brookfield.

    You can find out about our Safeguarding at these links: Stainton, Hilton and Brookfield


    What's New? - Updated on 29th April 2021

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    Stop Press: Hilton Church re-opens for Public Worship on 23rd May 2021

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    Public Worship in our Churches

    Communal Worship in our Churches continues. Our Vicar Claire Todd will lead the normal pattern of weekly services as follows:

    Brookfield:      Holy Communion at 10.00am on Wednesdays and at 9.30am on Sundays (these services will be live-streamed (*) on the Brookfield Facebook page – see below for details).

    Stainton:         Holy Communion at 11.00am on Sundays

    Hilton:             The Church will re-open for Public Worship on Pentecost Sunday 23rd May 2021 with a service of Holy Communion at 8.00am led by our Vicar Revd Claire Todd. Details of services at Hilton on the following Sundays will be available shortly.

    (*) You can find the St Margaret of Scotland, Brookfield Facebook page at this link.

    Please click here to see the updated calendar.


    Church Annual Meetings

    Click here to read about the Stainton with Hemlington meetings held via "Zoom" at 2.00pm on Sunday 25th April 2021

    Click here to read about the Hilton meetings held via "Zoom" at 10am on Monday 12th April 2021

    Click here to read about the Brookfield meetings to be held via "Zoom" at 11.15am on Wednesday 5th May 2021

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    Clergy Support

    If you need support from a Priest please contact our Vicar Revd Claire Todd

    on this telephone number: 01642 - 975984

    Claire's day off is on Friday;

    if you ring her then you can leave a message on her answerphone and she will return your call

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    Please click here to see our Covid19 update.

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    Click here for our page about the Stainton weekly e-News and other resources for "worship at home" during the Coronavirus outbreak; and click here if you would like to sign-up to receive by e-mail the weekly e-News.

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    This information is correct as of 2/4/2021.

    The Diocese of York has issued guidance for Churches about Coronavirus Covid-19 which can be found  here; the Church of England has also issued guidance which can be found here.

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      Stainton Church                      Hilton Church                          Brookfield Church

    St Peter's Church, Hilton, St Peter & St Paul's Church, Stainton, and St Margaret's Church, Brookfield, are all dedicated:

    • to being a visible Christian presence within the communities they serve,
    • to holding those communities before God in prayer,
    • making real and valued contributions to addressing issues,
    • offering pastoral care, and support, and
    • providing places and patterns of worship to help people from all walks of life to draw closer to God and worship Him.

    The Stainton and Hilton Churches have a rich and long heritage of service:

    • St Peter's dating back to the 12th Century in the present building; 
    • St Peter and St Paul's having a foundation which  probably dates back to the 7th Century.

    Brookfield Church was originally a "daughter church" within Stainton Parish:

    • St Margaret's became a Parish in its own right in 1988.
    In the 21st Century all three buildings and worshipping communities offer beautiful venues for weddings and Baptisms and we hope to welcome families to celebrate these special events with us.

    We hope that you can find the information you are looking for about our Churches, but if not, please do contact us

    Email: BSHPlurality@hotmail.com


    Vicar:  Revd Claire Todd


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